Low Cash Stress?

We provide quick, fast short-term loans from R400 - R4000 payable over a period of 31 days at a very small interest rate.

Loan Amount


Loan Period(in days)




Total Payable


Note: These are estimates, the exact amounts will be provided upon loan applications

Our Loan Services

Short-term loans

We offer short-term loans to low-income clients and entrepreneurs to offer them financial freedom


Credit and funeral insurance help reduce the financial stress of meeting major or unexpected expenses

Agriculture loans

These loans help clients who want to venture into farming to access the initial capital to purchase seeds, fertilizer, livestock, chicks, and equipment when they are needed and repay the principal when the harvest comes.

Savings accounts

Have money that you want to see grow? Our savings accounts are designed for that.

What You Get


Choose the amount of loan you want and when you want to pay it. Use our online loan calculator to determine the amount you can afford between R400 - R4000 and set up a suitable period for payment based on your affordability.


Sibol Financial Solutions has a transparent loan service that ensures our customers get what they need with no initiation fee, unlike traditional loan providers


We grade all our clients on the same scale. Before finalizing the loan application process, we ensure that all our clients understand what they are signing for and make them aware of the process.


We provide ongoing support for our clients to help them cope with their repayments.


Data protection is very important, and we ensure our client's data and personal information is protected. Fill out one simple, secure application form in less than five minutes.

How it works

How it works

Application can be done online. Get ready, follow the steps below and the money will be in your account on the same day.

  • Enter your personal information and complete the online application
  • Submit all supporting documents
  • Get notification via SMS if application is successful
  • Approve debit order on phone
  • Money transferred directly into your bank account on the same day.

Loan Requirements

To qualify for payday loans through our website, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Earn a monthly income of R3500 or more
  • Not currently under debt review
  • Valid cell phone number
  • SA ID number
  • Bank account details
  • Latest 3 months bank statements
  • Latest 3 months payslips
Required documents

Repayment terms

All payments are collected via debit order in a single payment direct from your bank account on the date of your next payday.

Contract renewal

Our renewals are not automatic, new loan offers and loan extensions will be handled as a new loan agreement and the same interest rates will apply for these loans.

Implications of non-payment

Non-payment of your account will result in a R60 service fee and 5% interest added every month. Failure to repay a loan will lead to Credit Reference Agencies being notified and potential legal action being taken, both of which could impair your credit score.

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